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Finest abrasives.
Microbevels front and back.
Use a jig.
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A short Where am I?, before answering Where are you? and Where do you want to be next?

That small map at the top of the screen is a google map of the area of my old home, in Victoria, BC, Canada. My new home is only 2 km away, so the map stays.

Enough about me. Now, on to where is the stuff you are looking for.


On this site you will see that there are three factors in honing a perfect edge. First, use the best abrasives. Second, use a jig. Third, hone using microbevels on the front and back of the iron. Follow these tips to get the best possible edges.

While primarily about honing, these pages also discusses grinding since honing cannot correct grinding errors.


I occasionally update the content of these pages. When I do, I add an entry at the front of the Updates page.


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