Saw Filing - Early Jig Versions

The Jig
Saw Setting
Saw Filing
Some Theoretical Issues
Sloping Gullets
Copyright (c) 2002-15, Brent Beach

Version I

Here is a scan of the jig, with the parts numbered. For sizing, the file is a 7" file and the braces are about 3-3/4" long.

  1. Back Dowel - a 3/8" dowel that is the backbone of the jig. It is about 3" longer than the longest file.
  2. Bottom brace - holds the back dowel and the file holding dowel.
  3. Top brace - holds the back dowel and the file tip.
  4. Slider - rests on the saw, providing two important filing angles.
  5. File Holding Dowel - a piece of 3/4" dowel with a hole for the file tang.
  6. File - usual triangular file.

Version II

The big difference is the angled end braces. The angle you can use the whole file even when filing bevel angles near 45 degrees.

Because the braces are angled, they need to be longer to provide the same clearance between the file and the back dowel.

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