sharp/dull blade drawing Radiused irons small map
Finest abrasives.
Microbevels front and back.
Use a jig.
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I have reorganized the pages that deal with cambered blades. Use the table of contents to find your way.


  1. Introduction. The scope of the problem.
  2. How much camber do you want? It depends on the shaving thickness you intend to take.
  3. Shaping a Radiused Blade. How to create the radiused edge using a belt sander.
  4. Grind and Hone - belt sander.
  5. Grind and Hone - abrasives on glass.
  6. Hone - using a convex hone
  7. Bevel up cambered blades. More camber required!
  8. Planes with cambered soles. Much harder.


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